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Translator's corner.

We take pride in our professional standard of excellence and we go to great lengths to ensure that only the most experienced and highly qualified translators are retained to deliver our services.

We value your enthusiasm and commitment, which form the cornerstone of our company but since the language profession also demands a high level of expertise to ensure quality, Verovar likewise requires advanced qualifications of all its professionals. Please note that your application will only be considered if:  

-You are native speaker of Spanish, Portuguese, English or French
-You are qualified and specialized in a relevant field
-You have at least two years' experience as a professional TPEC
-You can provide at least 2 professional references

All TPEC are required to sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. From time to time you may be required to sign additional non-disclosure agreements provided by our clients to assure that the content of all projects is held in the strictest confidence. 

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Translator's Corner


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