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We have developed a comprehensive range of services, designed to cover your linguistic needs. Our capabilities include:

Translation - Our translation process goes beyond a word-by-word translation. Careful consideration is applied to context and culture in an effort to adapt your material reproducing intent, nuances and subtleties to the target language. Translation requires the knowledge of not only the language, but also the subject matter.

Editing - This service applies to previously translated material. As part of the editing process, we will review the translated document meticulously, comparing it to its original counterpart. The translation will be checked for translation accuracy as well as for grammatically and idiomatically correct language.

Proofreading - This service also applies to previously translated material. The process involves checking mainly for grammatically and idiomatically correct language in a text, but does not involve checking for translation accuracy as it does not includes the comparison of the translated text to its original counterpart. 

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